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Courses at the Faculty of Fine Arts

For details on the courses available in particular departments please visit this page.

Art studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts are conducted primarily in the Czech language; however, consultations, instructions and individual teaching can also be conducted in English.

Erasmus+ exchange students and other international students may enrol in art programmes on the assumption that they will be able to master the Czech language during their first year of studies. Students from Poland, Slovakia, Spain, South Korea and other countries have graduated with Bachelor's or Master's degrees in the past.

For exchange students of music visiting for one- or two-semester exchange programmes (such as Erasmus+), the following subjects are also offered in English, German or Russian:

  • musical performance (vocal / instrumental)
  • chamber music performance
  • orchestral music performance
  • sight reading
  • vocal performance for chamber ensembles
  • piano accompaniment
  • public recital or semi-recital

The Faculty of Fine Arts does not provide teaching of music theory subjects in foreign languages.

Visual arts are taught at the Department of Graphics and Drawing, the Department of Sculpture, the Department of Painting and the Department of Intermedia Studies, all of which offer instruction in the English language for the Erasmus+ programme.

Throughout the academic year, the Faculty of Fine Arts organizes workshops (held either entirely or partly in the English language) by prominent international artists and teachers. The workshops are provided free of charge. (Pascal Rogé, Viktor Shestopal - piano, James Buswell - violin, Viktorie Jagling, Antonio Mostacci - cello, etc.)

The Faculty of Fine Arts also organizes intensive international interpretation courses (held in the English language) by prominent international instructors (usually for a duration of ten days) with fees for active or passive participants. Precise dates, curricula and fees are published on the internet well in advance.

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