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Academic requirements, academic plan, testing and assessment

Academic requirements and academic plan

Each yearly academic plan must contain musical works (concertos, sonatas or other concert pieces) with a minimum length of 60 min. In addition, each student in the 1st and 2nd year must learn: piano / 3 etudes (Liszt, Chopin, Rachmaninov, Skriabin), wind instruments / 10 etudes, strings / 3 etudes (Paganini, Ondříček, Ernst, Wieniawski etc.) voice - requirements and academic plan is available from the principal teacher and individual teachers.

The student divides the yearly academic plan into two parts, each 30 min, one part per semester. The musical works learned as part of the plan are played at performance classes and institute concerts. Students of the 1st year are required to perform at one performance class per semester while students of the 2nd to 4th year are required to perform twice per semester. Students of the 2nd year have their concert debut at the institute with a half-length evening concert and students of the 3rd year give a full-length evening concert.

Part of the academic plan is chamber music and orchestral solo playing. Students are allocated to chamber groups, and for orchestral solo playing (wind and string instruments) students gradually learn symphonic and opera repertoire.

Testing and assessment

Crediting for the winter semester (given after given a performance before a panel of professors) and exams for the summer semester are mandatory for all students. These performance exams take place according to alphabetical order and to students’ year group. Each student has an opportunity warm up for 20 minutes prior to the exam in a practice room.

Each student is to have the musical works he/she has prepared for the exam (20 min.) written on a piece of paper for the examination panel.

1st year and 2nd year students are required to perform two etudes and at the end of their 2nd and 3rd year they are required to perform a minimum of 20 minutes of orchestral solos.

Musical works that are performed during the academic year at institute concerts need not be performed for exams.

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