Gregor Eldarb - guest artist

Winter semester 2017/18

Spatial depictions - imagery spaces / concepts and implementations

The starting point for the next semester will be dealing with space, urban environments, architecture and the public space in relation to one's own work.

Here are a few basic queries:

  • Think about how to apply your own work in a certain (exhibition) space
  • Explore a specific building, space or place that might be related to your work
  • How does one represent the ideal space in which he exhibits his work? How should the space look like?
  • Implementation of an idea as space.
  • develop the idea of linking your own work / work to the public space
  • explore the idea for a specific place
  • Develop a draft concept for a public space
  • Consider the relationship between space itself and its own history

Workflow / methods of work / Preliminary survey:

All methods and techniques are allowed to be used - according to your needs (photos, drawings, videos, objects, collected city maps, etc.). The research itself, as well as the work process, should be brought to the fore and used. It does not necessarily have to be a finished work of art. Projects can take the form of a model, for example, or can be implemented as an installation in a space or at a particular location.

At the first joint workshop, the participants will be presented with the ideas for this concept and the possibilities for putting them into artistic practice. We will lead a discussion together in the group. Then, we will individually consult your ideas and methods of work.

The aim of this semester work is to provide students with new attitudes in thinking, gaining a different perspective and reflecting on their own work.