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Ostravská univerzita

Photogallery: Ostrava Opera Academy

Thanks to a joint project of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music of the University of Ostrava and the Opera of the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre called the Ostrava Opera Academy, students gained a precious experience of performing and singing on theatre stage along with professionals.

In February 2020, spectators had the opportunity to watch student performance of Antonio Salieri's La scuola de' gelosi at Antonín Dvořák Theatre. The theatre introduced the opera on the 270th anniversary of Salieri's birth.

The frivolous opera was staged by Gabriela Petráková. The music production is the result of the work of the conductor Adam Sedlický, who also conducted the chamber orchestra whose members were predominantly the students of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music.

Photography: Martin Popelář

Ihor Maryshkin (Blasio)<br>Author: Martin PopelářRoman Vlkovič (Lumaca), Dominika Škrabalová (Carlotta), Ihor Maryshkin (Blasio)<br>Author: Martin PopelářDominika Škrabalová (Carlotta), Kateřina Juřenová (Ernestina), Ihor Maryshkin (Blasio)<br>Author: Martin PopelářKateřina Juřenová (Ernestina), Ihor Maryshkin (Blasio)<br>Author: Martin PopelářAleksander Kruczek (Conte)<br>Author: Martin PopelářOleksandra Nikiforová (Contessa)<br>Author: Martin PopelářOleksandra Nikiforová (Contessa)<br>Author: Martin PopelářAleksander Kruczek (Conte), Kateřina Juřenová (Ernestina)<br>Author: Martin PopelářIhor Maryshkin (Blasio), Roman Vlkovič (Lumaca)<br>Author: Martin PopelářDominika Škrabalová (Carlotta), Roman Vlkovič (Lumaca)<br>Author: Martin PopelářKateřina Juřenová (Ernestina), Ihor Maryshkin (Blasio)<br>Author: Martin PopelářDominika Škrabalová (Carlotta), Ihor Maryshkin (Blasio)<br>Author: Martin PopelářIhor Maryshkin (Blasio)<br>Author: Martin PopelářAneta Schwarzová (Contessa), Filip Kasztura (Il Tenente)<br>Author: Martin PopelářŠkola žárlivých<br>Author: Martin PopelářIhor Maryshkin (Blasio), Veronika Andrašková (Carlotta), Roman Vlkovič (Lumaca)<br>Author: Martin PopelářFilip Kasztura (Il Tenente)<br>Author: Martin PopelářVeronika Andrašková (Carlotta), Roman Vlkovič (Lumaca), Ihor Maryshkin (Blasio), Aneta Schwarzová (C…<br>Author: Martin PopelářKateřina Popová (Ernestina), Ihor Maryshkin (Blasio)<br>Author: Martin PopelářVeronika Andrašková (Carlotta), Filip Kasztura (Il Tenente), Aneta Schwarzová (Contessa)<br>Author: Martin PopelářAneta Schwarzová (Contessa), Jiří Siuda (Conte), Filip Kasztura (Il Tenente)<br>Author: Martin PopelářKateřina Popová (Ernestina), Jiří Siuda (Conte)<br>Author: Martin PopelářAneta Schwarzová (Contessa)<br>Author: Martin PopelářKateřina Popová (Ernestina), Jiří Siuda (Conte)<br>Author: Martin Popelář

Updated: 03. 04. 2020

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