Our story

The history of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music dates back to 1991, when two departments were established at the Faculty of Education: the Department of Fine Art and the Department of Music Pedagogy. From the very outset, both departments placed a strong emphasis on artistic and musical creativity (including musical performances and exhibitions of students’ own art). This placed the two departments somewhat outside the mainstream of the Faculty of Education, whose main focus was on training future teachers. In 2001 this de facto separate status was formally acknowledged when both departments were transformed into the Institute for Artistic Studies. The Institute operated for six years before the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music was established on 1 August 2007. The creation of the new Faculty represented a major expansion of the University’s educational provision; the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music was the only institution in the Czech Republic offering both Bachelor’s and Masters’ studies of music.

The newly created Faculty was first presented to the general public in October 2007 at the University’s prestigious Academic Day celebrations, with a concert by the Faculty’s symphony orchestra and an exhibition of art by its students.

The Faculty of Fine Arts and Music is a dynamic and self-confident institution which plays a key role in showcasing the University as a whole to the general public.

Updated: 06. 04. 2020