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CANCELED - 9th international piano masterclass

Piano courses will not take place on the originally scheduled date.

We would like to invite you to the 9th international piano masterclass, which will take place place from October 27th till November 1st, 2020 in Ostrava.


  • František Malý (The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague)
  • Eliška Novotná (Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, University of Ostrava)
  • Jana Vondráčková (Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, University of Ostrava)
  • Lukáš Michel (Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, University of Ostrava)
  • Izabela Kožaná Manderla (Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, University of Ostrava)

Proposed Program:
Tuesday, October 27, 2020
During the dayarrival of participants, accommodation
13:00 – 16:30attendance of participants - Faculty of Arts and Music, Building F (Sokolská tř. 17, Ostrava 1)
17:00Chamber hall (Building B - Českobratrská street nr. 16) - Opening concert performed Magdalena Lisak, Martin Kasík, Eliška Novotná, Lukáš Michel and Jana Vondráčková
 After the concert - lesson schedule
Wednesday October 28, 2020
From 9:00lessons
Afternoona small trip
Thursday, October 29, 2020
From 9:00lessons
Friday October 30, 2020
From 9:00lessons
Saturday October 31, 2020
9:00 – 16:00lessons
17:00Chamber Hall (Building B - Českobratrská 16) - Concert of participants
(during the courses, in agreement with you, we will select those of you who will have the desire to play at the final concert - it is not a duty, but a joy!)
 handover of certificates
Sunday, November 1, 2020
TRIP - Ludwig van Beethoven in Hradec nad Moravicí

A tour of the Castle in Hradec nad Moravicí (Opava district) - free of charge - places where Ludwig van Beethoven and Franz Liszt visited.

The tour will be followed by a free program (possibility of a walk in the castle park, a tour of the Red Castle, lunch in the Castle restaurant, etc.)

This course is optional. Due to the organization, please register for the trip in the application. According to the number of applicants, transport (car / train) will then be organized.

Tuition for piano masterclass:
Participants: 2.000 CZK
Auditors: 1.000 CZK

There are two steps to applying for courses:

  1. Completing and sending application to the e-mail address . Please, write in the application the repertoire you want to study.

  2. Electronic registration and payment according to the type of participation:
    Registration link for participants
    Registration link for auditors

Send your applications before 19 October 2020. Be so kind and write in the application the repertoire you want to study.

The participants will arrange accommodation themselves.

Individual lessons with lecturers: students will be able to sign up for individual lessons for all teachers (according to the number of registered students we will be more or less correct for lessons, we guarantee at least three individual lessons per student, the lesson can move between 45 - 60 minutes, again according to the number of registered ones)

The studied repertoire is unlimited, we welcome the interpretation of B. Smetana's compositions, which are dedicated to this year's courses, but this is not obligatory.

If you have some Baroque music in your repertoire (or you are starting to study it), we offer you a harpsichord masterclass by MgA. Izabela Kozana-Manderla (there will be harpsichord for your disposal).

You can come to watch at any hour and listen to your colleagues. The schedule of the lessons will be public.

We look forward to you!

Updated: 12. 10. 2020

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