Virtual Reality Digital Graphics Studio

Virtual Reality Digital Graphics (M.A.)

Follow-up graphics and drawing programme aims at fostering growth of free and creative artistic personality endowed with critical thinking and moving with ease on contemporary artistic scene.

Specialization in Virtual Reality Digital Graphics is purposefully designed as a workplace of new methods and technologies in graphics operated jointly with Instytut Sztuki Wydzial Artystyczny Unywersytet Slaski in Katowice. It offers Double Degree type of studies that specifically deal with digital graphics, applied mainly in forms of virtual reality such as computer games, interactive web applications, mapping, etc. As studying this field is highly demanding in terms of technological equipment and expert practitioners, our forces were joined with the foreign partner school US Katowice that has developed a specialized workplace for the creation and teaching of computer games. US Katowice has been offering B.A. and follow-up M.A. degrees in Computer Games since 2012. Merging the technological and pedagogical potentials of the Faculty of Arts OU and Wydzial Artystycznego US have provided expertly prepared background for the lecturing of these specially focused studies.

You will learn how to use digital technologies especially in a virtual environment and make use of these technologies for your own projects or realizations based on market demand e.g. computer games, interactive applications. You will also gain basic teamwork knowledge while working on a multimedia project, alongside with deepening your creative thinking and working in the digital environment. The skills and competences grow not only on an individual level but are honed on a team platform when conceptualizing and implementing your projects. Based on your knowledge of traditional fine arts techniques and technologies, you will be able to bring your visions and fantasies alive by using modern digital means.

Updated: 13. 04. 2021