Drawing Studio

Drawing (B.A.)

Graphics and drawing bachelor's programme encourages and fosters thinking, develops perception and way of opinion forming in reflection of contemporary society and artistic life as perceived through free artistic creation.

Drawing specialization study will provide you with professional artistic education, the priority being the emphasis on cultivating drawing skills and using the potential of drawing in conditions of contemporary artistic scene. During the first two years the study is focused primarily on figurative factual drawing. You will use a wide range of drawing expressive means used in such a way that excludes concept of consequent realization in different "definitive" material. A large drawing or wall drawing as well as an illustration of a literary text may be results of these artistic expressions. In broad generalization, the drawing is perceived as a specific space of author's conceptual thoughts, designs and creations in general. A simple sketch is sufficient to start with and proceed to any media carrier or process the selected concept asks for.

You will acquire in-depth knowledge of various forms of historical and contemporary drawings, diverse forms of adjustment and presentation of the drawing on contemporary exhibition scene, experimental forms of artistic work connected by modern forms of printing, reproduction techniques and graphic techniques. You will know how to work with photography, how to prepare photos for printing and adjustments used in digital prints' presentation. You will be familiar with a wide range of topics and content contexts as expressed and processed by drawings in the works of contemporary and classical authors. You will be able to develop your creative work by the help of traditional techniques resulting in a painting, an object or installation, or getting experience with new media. You will master principal drawing techniques and use them to express your own ideas and opinions in the form of a freely conceived or applied work of art. You will be able to present and defend your authentic artwork in the field of drawing and its overlaps (especially in painting), reflect your performance, to present and defend it in writing, and get solid grounds in being independent in assessing the artwork quality.

Drawing (M.A.)

Follow-up study graphics and drawing programme aims at fostering growth of free and creative artistic personality endowed with critical thinking and moving with ease on contemporary artistic scene.

Drawing specialization study prepares its graduates in such a way as to maximize their chances to become successful authors, able to establish himself/herself in tough and variable competitive conditions on exhibition scene. The priority here is a thoroughly individual approach to working with the student and emphasis on his/her ability to create independently. Student's engagement in independent exhibition projects leads to getting practical experience with the contemporary form of real-life artistic (exhibition) scene, including competency in grant offers being approved; knowledge of organizational mechanisms and communication technologies used in a professional way.

You will get acquainted with a broad range of author approaches to drawing and its application in artwork, including past and present varieties of traditional and modern techniques and materials for art drawing. You will be able to perceive and expertly interpret the essence and importance of art works of different genres and forms, including the most contemporary forms of experimental artwork. You will master traditional drawing skills, alongside with perception of the drawing being an underlying denominator of many fields of art; and actively discover possibilities of its application in an open free art space. You will be able to create an original author's drawing, or other individually selected forms and techniques; and actively discover possibilities of applying drawing and its spill-offs in an open space of free and applied art. You will be ready for team cooperation in the field of gallery pedagogy, exhibition organization and production.

Updated: 13. 04. 2021