Graphics Studio

Graphics (B.A.)

Graphics and drawing bachelor's programme encourages and fosters thinking, develops perception and way of opinion forming in reflection of contemporary society and artistic life as perceived through free artistic creation.

Students develop their own artistic personality. The study enhances this development not only by prescribing normative content; but serves as a discussion platform of teachers and classmates, shapes students´ individuality in the process of artistic creation while respecting their artistic freedom and personality. By choosing Graphics specialization you will receive artistic education and expert qualifications. This means creative redefinition and reinterpretation of graphics media with emphasis on intermedia crossovers and openness of media itself. You will work creatively in the field of professional graphics; based on your very own authentic artistic paintwork you will be able to assess and be aware of your own positioning in the framework of artistic scene and be able to landscape your own artistic territory.

You will learn to work with traditional graphic techniques (letterpress, intaglio) as well as to apply new graphic techniques (serigraphy, offset, digital technologies), experimental forms of printing and reproduction techniques. You will be able to work with software and photography with respect to graphic aspects. You will get a broad overview of possibilities how to use graphic techniques and technologies and their overlap with other media (object, animation, etc.) You will master fundamental principles of free and applied graphics and its practical applications, alongside with main creative and technological laws and principles of graphics, 2D and 3D imaging and projecting, virtual and augmented reality (AR), including the basics of graphic design. You will get acquainted with principal art works, with the history and principles of Czech, European and world arts. You will be aware of the socio-political, ideological, philosophy and economic backgrounds to creation of key master works in fine arts. Your artistic activity will stem from knowledge of culture and history and you will be able to carry your fine arts knowledge and skills onto a field falling outside your study specialization. You will be able to interpret your artistic work in a clear and convincing manner to professional and lay public.

Graphics (M.A.)

Follow-up graphics and drawing study programme aims at fostering growth of free and creative artistic personality endowed with critical thinking and moving with ease on contemporary artistic scene.

Studies in Graphics specialization focus on new trends in graphics, graphic techniques and technologies alongside with studying traditional graphic techniques. These are applied in students´ projects based on their visions and broad discussions with their peers. Close attention is paid to functional methods of working with software and photography, and with graphics overlaps with other media (object, animation, etc.). Knowledge of creative and technological laws and principles of free and applied graphics, graphic design basics, independent quest for practical applications in our society are also closely followed study subjects.

You will learn to use both traditional and new graphic techniques and technologies (including printing and digital technologies as well as their combinations) with overlaps to other media, methods of working with software and with photography. You will be able to cooperate with experts in gallery pedagogy, animation; and you will be competent and ready for teamwork and for professional management of graphic workshops. You will have a solid overview of Czech and world visual art after 1945, of professional literature and cultural historical contexts linking fine arts and other art segments. You will gain knowledge in the field of fine art aesthetics, of contemporary artistic methods, approaches and strategies, and trends shaping contemporary art discourse.

Updated: 13. 04. 2021