Photography Studio

Photography (Bc.)

Bachelor's degree programme specializing in photography offers comprehensive and professional education in the field of photography with an emphasis on artistic photography.

Study runs partially as group studio work, where specific projects and assignments are being handled, theoretical problems are tackled; and partially as practical workshops, where photography skills are enhanced; alongside with lectures and seminars dedicated to theoretical disciplines. An integral part of education is improving language skills and competencies.

Study aims at forming a free creative personality endowed with professional and general overviews and multicultural awareness, being able to get solid orientation on a contemporary art scene and having skills of framing individual events within a broader sociocultural context. You will learn to work with current technologies, processing workflows, and using photography materials. You will gain the ability to further learn and use technological and theoretical stimuli of your specialization and will draw from other disciplines. You will learn to understand visual and ethical sides of media communication, to improve your image literacy, which enables you to handle in a responsible way your decision-making and image management. Professionally, you will be able to handle the entire creative process of creating any given technical images and using any given device type. These competencies will give you freedom to work in different environments – analog, digital or virtual ones. You will be able to work autonomously and in innovative ways. You will learn to cooperate and communicate effectively on a team level throughout the duration of the entire creative process in free and applied arts area. You will be able to create an original author's work and present it accordingly.

Photography (MgA.)

Follow-up master's degree in photography offers comprehensive professional education in the medium of photography with intermedia overlaps and with crossovers to other media, emphasising mainly working with a moving image.

The groundwork consists of an independently working student who can be consulted and guided. The Studio is thus shared time-and-space premises where the art is distilled in a concentrated and yet open connection of personalities. Technological skills are also honed at practical workshops and deeper theoretical insights are gained in lectures and seminars. The study includes course-exams, seminar works, case studies and private consultations, in alignment with study quantitative plan, yet taking into account quality development of student's creative personality.

The study aims at an artist, an author, who masters the use of camera both in photography and cinematography and who is skillful in the entire process of working with a moving image. In working with the image, he/she will be able to work independently or in a team, eventually becoming a head of a professional team handling any task resulting in static or moving images. The skills, experience, competency and knowledge gained during the learning process of getting deeper insights in technologies and their interconnections, alongside with applying cultural vistas will move you into the category of independent creative personality. The graduate will be familiar with production and editorial work, main possibilities of animation creation and basics in 3D virtual environment. Artistic and mental maturity will aid him/her to formulate with deep precision both his/her vision and its practical rendering. These qualities will make possible highly effective independent and/or teamwork. The graduate will be able to pass on his/her knowledge and skills in clear and articulate way. The student will be flexible enough to adapt and get his/her orientation in daily artistic life and on contemporary artistic scene. He/she will be able to widely apply gained knowledge and skills, use elements of free creation in applied art. Variability, desire to develop an untapped potential further, will allow students to make perfect use of all available information and knowledge resources, combining them in creative ways. These skills will be a prerequisite for mastering different professions in cultural and creative areas.

Updated: 14. 04. 2021