Video-Multimedia-Performance Studio

Video – Multimedia – Performance (MgA.)

Master's programme specializing in video-multimedia-performance builds on previous bachelor's studies, deepens the ability to create intermedially (knowledge of blending old and new media) and adds up other disciplines: sound art, light art, net art, angagement art, etc.

This is in essence an independent research of each student into new possibilities of contemporary art disciplines, inspired by today's science and technology (e.g. telepresence art, biotelematic art, transgenic art, etc.) or creating projects on a larger scale, leading creative teams, being part of an engaged political art in public space. Unlike bachelor's studies, this study is already modified based on personality of each student and his/her existing artistic programme. The listed disciplines are just guiding principles; the study content adapts on to current topics and forms of contemporary art and its future perspectives. Equally strong emphasis is placed on theoretical preparation based on philosophy and aesthetics and for a potential pedagogical and academic career needs.

You will learn to work independently in the field of free creation according to your individual focus. You will master other disciplines such as sound art, light art or net art. You will work with theoretical texts, form artistic groups, and carry out generational performances in the sense of expressing your generation's vision by organizing various events in public space; you will learn to create strategy of self-promotion and producing projects of your own, including bigger team leadership; you will learn how to establish associations, galleries, festivals, happenings and run fundraising for these activities. You will learn to cooperate with scientists, technicians and athletes on interdisciplinary projects, if you decide doing so.

Video – Multimedia – Performance (Bc.)

Bachelor's programme specializing in video-multimedia-performance offers a broad-spectrum knowledge in many fields of fine arts (drawing, painting, object, installation, performance art, new media, video art, photography...) and the ability to use their intersections in students' own art creations.

In course of three years' study, the student will become familiar with above mentioned disciplines; and while doing so he/she will continually build up his/her own unique artistic programme, its content and form via peer consultations.

You will learn to: draw and paint, take photographs, work creatively with computer programmes, take and edit video, create objects and installations, manage basics of action art, synthesize multiple disciplines of traditional and new media into one artistic project, create art projects in public space. You will also learn complementary activities that allow you to stand up both individually and jointly, as an emerging generation on contemporary artistic scene.

Updated: 14. 04. 2021