Animated Creation Studio

Animated Creation (Bc.)

Studio of animated creation's lectures are focused on theory and practical education of students in the field of motion design, drawing, painting, photography, film and video, video art, interactive digital books, comics, light screenings, videomapping, classical and digital animation and intermedia crossovers of these disciplines.

The emphasis is being laid on individual talent of each student. The student improves his/her skills and knowledge during the three-year Bachelor's study based on a teaching plan, gradually acquiring the skills to apply in his/her independent creative work, to analyze thoroughly, to process the topic in a dramaturgic and scenario ways as to come up with the best rendering based on credible analysis and his/her own work self-reflection.

Study in specialization Animated Creation aims at creators-to-be who are equipped with knowledge and skills in the field of graphic design, multimedia creation, visualization specialists, motion design artists, animators and film effects specialists. Students gain knowledge to succeed in professional projects´ production and management preparation. They acquire ability to work independently and creatively when processing information, handling skillfully dramaturgy and screenplay of their work themes, when analyzing in a credible way their work of the studied subject. They are able working creatively with their themes on different media platforms (book, film, internet applications, VR, light projection, etc.). They get acquainted with the history of Czech and world animated works, alongside with principal works of world filmmaking. They get deeper understanding of cinematography from the information system angle; they can theoretically analyze a cinematographic image, compositional and expression procedures of a film work.

Updated: 14. 04. 2021