Book Design and Animation Studio

Book Design and Animation (MgA.)

Book design and animation specialization widens intermedia space in search for shared topics and possible creative ways, simply using everything that leads to confident professional performance. The study offers synthesis of drawing, photography, animation, illustrations, author's books, computer 2D and 3D visualizations, typography, digital graphics, visual effects, post-production, etc.

It aims at understanding content and differences between various artistic genres - author's book, PaperArt, book installations, light exhibition, animated film, interactive work - and variables of their conceptual connections. Students will gain advanced knowledge of typography and font work, aided by software for creation of printed media and film subtitles. The study deals with dramaturgy principles in different narrative forms (animated film, comics, author's book, interactive game, video mapping), with addressing concept in fine arts focused on author's books, Paper-Art and video mapping. Last, but not least it aims at film experiment and its creative possibilities.

Updated: 14. 04. 2021