About the Department of Painting



Students develop their own artistic thought and feeling, learn to know themselves by means of their creative work and to search for their own place in the context of modern art. Instruction is led so that a graduate is capable of independent critical thought and expression by means of various media, chiefly painting, so that they are capable of orientating themselves within the cultural and social sciences as well as within life with its many layers.

Each student of this program has his/her own individual curriculum. This is designed on the basis of dialogue and consensus with teachers, and is tailored to each student's individual artistic preferences, skills, aspirations and talents. Students learn about current methods of artistic production and options for participation. Technically and technologically, students’ work gravitates towards painting - that is, the application of color media on a flat surface. There are, however, natural overlaps into other media.

Updated: 14. 05. 2018