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About the Department of Keyboard Instruments

Teaching at the Department is based on accredited Bachelor and Master of Arts programmes and takes place in accordance with the schedule for the given academic year, approved by the Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Teaching is designed to train soloists, professional accompanists, members of chamber ensembles or orchestras and teachers at all levels of art schools, as well as organizers of cultural events for public institutions, radio, television, concert agencies and other institutions. The goal of the teaching provided by the Department of Keyboard Instruments is to ensure that graduates acquire an independent and active knowledge of their chosen field and are capable of creatively passing on their knowledge and skills.

The curriculum is created independently by the teachers, based on a set of clearly defined rules of study for the given academic year, and is tailored to the skills of the individual students in order to provide maximum benefit to each. Progress is evaluated twice a year by either a simple pass/fail system or a marked examination system. Prepared compositions have to be performed by each student, within the individual semesters, in classes and at public concerts organized by the Department (semi-recitals, full-length concerts, chamber music concerts, etc.)

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