Sculpture – Free Creation

Sculpture – Free Creation (BC.)

The core of the studies rests in gradually learning the sculptural principles used since time immemorial. Mastering of these skills and rules empowers students in building necessary certainty needed for becoming a free, independent artist.

Program in Sculpture draws from classical foundations based predominantly on European traditions. Students start working with casts of older works, study portraits and figures based on life, whether human or animal models. In doing so, they strive to grasp and understand the matter, space, internal structure and overall architecture of a sculpture. They learn not only to observe, but dive into the realm of geometry and abstract thinking; to reach beyond the matter surface, to understand its substance rather than blindly describing its outward appearance. Students find themselves also educated via theoretical insights into historical contexts delivered in lectures and by working on assignments based on history and theory of sculpture.

During course of studies students come up with their own proposals; or are assigned tasks where they can self-reflect themselves and time they live in by their own means of expression. They learn to understand and purposefully make use of principal sculptural methods and procedures in working with matter and space; and to handle all sorts of sculptural materials (clay, gypsum, wood, metal, concrete, stone, artificial resin). They are set on searching for their own Self.

During the studies you will learn to:

  • work independently on your own sculptural work and creatively solve associated problems;
  • work creatively on assigned tasks in areas of freehand and applied sculptural artwork;
  • control practically and theoretically the whole process of solving the specified sculptural task in all its stages - from an initial design to the final presentation;
  • acquire necessary skills in study modeling based on live and non-live nature and build matter from the inside up to the surface, thus mastering the ability to create your own intended shape;
  • gain deeper knowledge of sculpture history from its beginnings to present day;
  • understand and master different technologies, working practices and methods used in the contemporary sculpture;
  • know traditional and new materials used in sculpture and understand their respective properties.

Sculpture – Free Creation (MA.)

The study aims at achieving a high-quality education in the field of contemporary sculpture, and underpin support given to student's search for finding his/own creative path. Sculptural principles might be limited in form, but shapes and their modalities are limitless.

The aim of the studies is a graduate endowed by a free creative personality with a unique self-sculptural expression and being well-read in the field of culture and art. Master's program in sculpture counts on good technical and theoretical skills of the student. Strong creative potency and charismatic personality able to independently search for the gist of issues are other vital important factors. To understand story's substance and avoid blind description scratching on the surface. The essence here is the art of sculpture based on principles of free construction of volumes, shapes and materials in space, which the student uses independently and effectively for the sake of personal and unique artistic testimony. The study focuses on the student's ability to use the rules and laws of sculptural creation within his/her own story and creating of new contexts. A careful search, doubting and ultimately demonstrating the creative act itself should be in the best convincing manner the young artist is capable of.

During the studies you will learn to:

  • define and set independently your own sculptural task and creatively solve associated problems;
  • create independently a freehand or applied sculptural artwork based on principles of free construction of volumes, shapes and materials in space;
  • use and create by means of a wide portfolio of methods, ways and techniques applying majority of materials used in contemporary sculpture and adapting your experience in an innovative way;
  • master a completely independent sculptural work in all disciplines of sculptural creation, as well as your own unique artistic activities flowing from a creative personality drawing inspiration from his/her studies;
  • gain thorough knowledge of history and principles of European and World sculpture;
  • get a good orientation in a contemporary sculpture scene and be aware of your position.

Updated: 14. 04. 2021