About the Department of Sculpture

The core of the studies rest in gradually mastering the sculptural principles used since time immemorial.

Studying and building on theoretical knowledge of various historical periods blends smoothly with practicing and honing craftsmanship and understanding sculpting technologies. There might be an occasional impasse or a feeling of stagnation which is naturally associated with the artistic growth.

Walking on the path of discovery and re-discovery, a young person sometimes undergoes a process of breaking himself/herself down into basic parts in the search for the meaning. He/she uses reason, sensibility and physical strength as well. The habits built during this period can be of good use in the future and liberate students in their sculptural creation. A careful search when they walk down the path of questioning and doubting, and ultimately demonstrating the creative act itself should be in the best convincing manner the young artists are capable of. Sculptural principles might be limited in form but can also manifest as limitless in terms what is possible to achieve during one's lifetime.

The language of patterns and shapes stretching from ancient times till present day is enormously rich, and impacts us deeply by its monumental and content expressions. Feeling its overarching richness can be a source of happiness for a creative young student who after years of studies has moved deeper into this realm, in playful associations of shapes and striving to manifest at least a fraction of our faith in human and spiritual existence on mother Earth.

Sculpture – Free Creation

Updated: 14. 04. 2021