About the Department of Sculpture


The study of the Sculpture program is based on classical foundations stemming predominantly from European traditions. Students work with casts of older works, study portraits and figures based on life, whether human or animal models. In so doing, they strive to grasp and understand the matter, space, internal structure and overall architecture of a sculpture. They learn not only to observe, but also to think in a geometric - abstract - manner; to look beyond the surface of things, to understand their substance rather than blindly describing their outward appearance. These studies alternate with motifs which students choose for themselves or assignments given to students so that they are able to reflect on themselves and the contemporary period with their own means of expression.

The study of sculpture requires good technical skills and theoretical knowledge on the student's part. Also important is a strong creative potential and a personality that is not merely captivating but also capable of independently discovering the root of problems it is faced with; not confusing the story with blind description.

Updated: 14. 05. 2018