About the Department of Intermedia Studies


INTERMEDIA is a crossover of different types of media, and this programme's content is based exactly on this concept. A medium here is not seen merely as an artistic form based on conceptual art, but rather resulting from sensual perception and action (sound, vision, touch, smell and idea). The common starting point, wherein the resulting work of art is located, is SPACE (interior, exterior, spiritual location). This space is in turn "filled" with a range of combinations of art forms: installation, object, text, video, photography, projection, computer, performance. Given the development of communication technologies and their application in artistic production, lecturing is also logically separated into two parts: studio - the "classic" concept - and new media (computer-based digital sound and image, interactive art, computer animation and projection).

Intermedia can be perceived as a space wherein a complex artistic potential can grow and ripen based on artists mutual meetings and inspiration; and by encountering the world. It is a space with endless possibilities to search for and find common ground and options for creative work. "Media" is used here in the sense of basic, vocal and motional forms of expression, as well as the technical or technological equipment of an individual, simply everything that contributes to a complex creational act by an autonomous creative personality.

KIM (Department of Intermedia, acronym in Czech) study programme is in line with accredited Bachelor's and Master's programmes and it operates based on academic year schedule as approved by the Dean of Faculty of Art. There are five study specializations in individual studios which are accredited at KIM in the Bachelor's programme; all are part of the Visual Arts study programme: Photography Studio, Concept-Object-Installation, Video-Multimedia-Performance, Animated Creation and Book Design. In the follow-up Master's degree programme, the study is divided into four studios: Photography Studio, Concept-Object-Installation, Video-Multimedia-Performance and the Book Design and Animation Studio.

Photography Studio

Bachelor's degree programme specializing in Photography offers comprehensive and professional education in the field of photography with an emphasis being laid on artistic photography. Lectures are given partially in a form of team studio work where students concentrate on specific photographic projects and assignments, alongside with dealing with some theoretical problems. Teaching also takes form of practical exercises in subjects that aim at acquiring practical photographic skills, accompanied by lectures and seminars covering theoretical disciplines. An integral part of education is improving language skills and competencies.

Follow-up Master's degree in Photography specialization offers comprehensive professional education in the medium of photography with intermedial overlaps, and crossovers to other media. Great emphasis is laid on working with a moving image. The groundwork consists of an independently working student who can be consulted and guided. The Studio is thus shared time-and-space premises where the art is distilled in a concentrated and yet open connection of personalities. Technological skills are also honed at practical workshops and deeper theoretical insights are gained in lectures and seminars.

Concept-Object-Installation Studio

Bachelor's programme specializing in Concept-Object-Installation offers comprehensive and professional education in the field of art that is oriented towards conceptual work with space and matter. It is exquisitely intermedial, focused on interconnections and intersections of different art forms, of human knowledge and activities.

In the follow-up Master's degree in the Concept-Object-Installation Studio, emphasis is laid on independent work via teacher and student consultations, where we are searching for an unlimited range of POINT!!! Sociological, philosophical, imaginative, sensory aspects of the creation which (un)relativize the running standards of an exactly functional and techno-creative society. The communication channel for teacher and student is SPACE - physical, ideological, over/above time, historical, scientific, unspecified (studio, building, surroundings, city, landscape/beyond the landscape, above/below... vertical and horizontal lines, etc.)

Video-Multimedia-Performance Studio

Bachelor's program specializing in Video-Multimedia-Performance offers a broad-spectrum knowledge in many fields of fine arts (drawing, painting, object, installation, performance art, new media, video art, photography...) and the ability to use their intersections in student's own art creation. In course of three years' study, the student will become familiar with above mentioned disciplines; and while doing so he/she will continually build up his/her own unique artistic programme, its content and form via peer consultations.

Master's programme specializing in Video-Multimedia-Performance and building up on Bachelor's study deepens the ability to create in intermedia space (knowledge of old and new media) and at the same time adds following disciplines: sound art, light art, net art, engagement art, etc.). This is in essence an independent research of each student into new possibilities of contemporary art disciplines, inspired by today's science and technology (e.g. telepresence art, biotelematic art, transgenic art, etc.) or creating projects on a larger scale, leading creative teams, being part of an engaged political art in public space. Unlike Bachelor's study, Master's programme is already modified based on personality of each student and his/her existing artistic programme. The listed disciplines are just guiding principles; the study content adapts on to current topics and forms of contemporary art and its future perspectives. Equally strong emphasis is placed on theoretical preparation based on philosophy and aesthetics and for a potential pedagogical and academic career needs.

Animated Creation Studio

Bachelor's programme specializing in Animated Creation aims on theoretical and practical readiness of students in the field of motion design, drawing, painting, photography, film and video, video art, interactive digital books, comics, light screenings, videomapping, traditional and digital animations; and intermedia crossovers of these disciplines. The emphasis is being laid on individual talent of each student.

The student improves his/her skills and knowledge during the three-year bachelor's study based on a teaching plan, gradually acquiring the skills to apply in his/her independent creative work, to analyze thoroughly, to process the topic in a dramaturgic and scenario ways as to come up with the best rendering based on credible analysis and his/her own work self-reflection.

Book Design Studio

Bachelor's programme in  Book Design offers curriculum focused on knowledge and skills, the center of which is a story and its transformation into a book or digital form through drawing, illustration, typography, book binding; the basics of animation and their overlapping. At the same time, it provides space for freely creating a student's author book, PaperArt or any book objects and installations. Current technologies and their use in the professional work of the student are strongly encouraged. An integral part of the study is student's active engagement in different form of competitions, exhibitions, his/her ability to get a solid orientation in book design area, to acquire sufficient theoretical knowledge and be able to enhance his/her language skills.

Book Design and Animation Studio

Follow-up Master's degree programme of Book Design and Animation combines two Bachelor's degree specializations (book design, animated creation) and widens intermedia space in search for shared topics and possible creative ways, simply using everything that leads to confident professional performance. The study offers synthesis of drawing, photography, animation, illustrations, author's books, computer 2D and 3D visualizations, typography, digital graphics, visual effects, post-production, etc.

In the follow-up Master's programme based on his/her own artistic focus, the student works on his/her individual author projects, which have at its core either book or animated works, as well as the combination of both.

Updated: 14. 04. 2021